GWI urged to improve billing, collection system
by Jaime Hall
Guyana Chronicle
September 20, 2003

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Minister of Housing and Water Mr. Shaik Baksh has called on the management of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) to ensure that its billing and collection system is operating in an efficient manner, so that the company would be in a position to clear its liabilities.

The Public Relations Department of the company has also come in for some criticisms for failing to relate to consumers in an appropriate manner in an effort to address some misgivings on the company's operations.

Baksh during a press conference yesterday at GTV Channel 11 studio said the government is very much concerned about the level of service GWI is giving particularly at two areas, the lower East Coast and East Bank Demerara.

The current water situation in those areas is due to a poor management of the distribution system and poor response as well from GWI in dealing with the consumers.

"Overall, I feel there has been poor management of the public relations function and communication by Guyana Water Inc in these areas".

Baksh said he held several meetings with the management of GWI urging them visit the communities affected by poor water supply and inform the people on what is occurring in the new system being put in place.

There are two large projects that were initiated on the Lower East Coast and the East Bank Demerara areas, which are near completion, and include the Eccles to Friendship project. It entails the rehabilitation of the water treatment plant and the main transmission line in place, he explained.

On the lower East Coast it is from Industry to Newton's Ville a major water supply project, in which rehabilitation was done to an overhead storage at Better Hope, La Bonne Intention and Annandale.

The objectives of the projects were to provide an improve level of service to the population in those areas for treated water to be supplied.

However, there were a lot of technical difficulties that has arisen over the last month. But the situation along the East Bank corridor has stabilized and many communities are receiving a supply of water even though it is not at the adequate supply, the Minister outlined.

Baksh said contractors and engineers are working to ensure full supply is restored to the area. This is with the exception of the two large housing schemes at Grove and Diamond where corrective works need to be done on damaged pipelines.

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