PNC/R admits misinformation on Govt. response to aircraft owners
Guyana Chronicle
September 17, 2003

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THE People's National Congress/Reform Monday retracted a statement it had made on Government's response to a lease application by the Aircraft Owners' Association of Guyana, admitting it misinformed the public over the issue.

At its press conference last Thursday, the PNC/R reported on a meeting between the Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana (AOAG) and PNC/R Leader Mr. Robert Corbin September 8.

The association briefed Mr. Corbin on the development of Ogle Airport into an International Municipal Airport.

But by its own account, the party statement at the news conference said AOAG's request to Government for an extended lease to enable them to raise the requisite financing for the airport "was denied by the Government."

After the association reportedly threatened to go public unless that misinformation was corrected, the PNC/R admitted Monday that, "the Government was prepared to grant a 99-year lease, but this arrangement did not find favour with the Inter-American Development Bank under the Air Transport Reform Programme.

"We regret any misunderstanding," the party statement said.

The PNC/R made clear that its views on the approach of the Government to this group of investors were its own, not necessarily that of the AOAG, though it remained "convinced," it said, "that the approach of the Government has been unsatisfactory."

"The PNC/R looks forward to the rapid conclusion of the Ogle Airport Development Project, which it fully supports," the statement added.

The PNC/R retraction came as the association finalized plans for the laying of the cornerstone for the construction of the Ogle Airport.

That ceremony is scheduled for 4.00 o'clock this afternoon, with President Jagdeo in attendance.