PNC/R 'disturbed' by G/S home search
Guyana Chronicle
September 5, 2003

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The People's National Congress Reform says it is particularly alarmed and disturbed at the search carried out on August 21, 2003 at the home of the Party's General Secretary Oscar Clarke home by ranks of the Guyana Police Force.

Police claimed that the search was carried out based on information that guns and ammunition were being kept in the home, but later said they were unaware it is the home of the PNCR General Secretary.

The Party's Central Executive Member Mr. Raphael Trotman during a press conference at Congress Place Sophia yesterday said the search was illegal because there was no search warrant obtained and/or exhibited prior to or after the incident.

Trotman said the search raises questions about the motive of misguide ranks of the Guyana Police Force who were obviously ordered by someone superior in the force.

He says the party considers it a serious enough matter to say unapologetically that there is an obvious, albeit clumsy linkage between recent fulminations by the President and others that the PNCR officials are involved in criminal activity.

Trotman said the Party is calling on the Police Commissioner (ag.) Floyd McDonald to undertake an urgent enquiry into the search and demand an apology from the government together with the undertaking that this nonsense will not be repeated.

"The search was a calculated and deliberate attempt to embarrass and demonize the General Secretary and the Party in an effort to create the perception in the minds of citizens that there is truth in what the PPP/C said about the PNCR involvement in crime", Trotman said.

He said the party on numerous occasions, challenged the PPP/C to deliver to the public the so-called proof it claims to have of his party leaders involvement in crime.

"This action must also be viewed in the context of the continued recalcitrance displayed by the PPP/C in the effective implementation of some of the Communiqué measures.

It is patiently obvious to us that this is yet another attempt at provocation to derail the Constructive Engagement process as done with the Hoyte/Jagdeo Dialogue". (Jaime Hall)