Minister Rodrigues urges Orealla residents to cooperate with Village Council

Guyana Chronicle
August 23, 2003

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MINISTER of Amerindian Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues on a recent visit to Orealla (Region 6) at the request of the Village Council, urged residents to co-operate with the Orealla Village Council so that projects can be carried out efficiently and for development to progress in the village.

The Minister who was speaking at the second general meeting of the council, was requested to attend the meeting because the Village cooperation by residents.

The meeting, which was also attended by the Regional Vice-Chairman and representative of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Mr. Kadim Bacchus and the Principal Regional Development Officer, Mr. Lloyd Andrews, was held at the Orealla Primary School.

Minister Rodrigues also listened to the concern of the residents and promised to assist by looking into the various concerns raised by residents and the Council.

However, she urged residents to make productive use of the provisions made by Government and to ensure that they work together to develop their community.

The Minister reminded them that the Village Council members were the ones they had elected and that if both teams were frequently in dispute, then progress in the village would be hindered.

In addition, residents especially women, were encouraged to air their concerns at meetings and to get more involved in the villages' development programmes.

She noted that other Amerindian villages encountered numerous problems as well and were able to resolve them, using different strategies.

The residents of Orealla, which is 25 minutes away from its neighbouring Amerindian village, Siparuta, recently benefited from a new Primary school, a Nursery school and a tractor among other equipment donated by Government.

Other issues covered at the meeting included the state of the "Tractor committee", Amerindian Heritage month and the price of wallaba, sand and other resources of the village.

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