Court enforces dress code

Guyana Chronicle
August 4, 2003

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THE apparent disrespect for the court displayed by some members of the public in respect for their mode of dress when attending to matters there, has prompted the management of the Georgetown Magistrate Court to enforce a dress code.

This is according to an official of the court who was asked about a strategically- placed notice board in the courtyard, alerting visitors and others that a dress code is in effect.

The notice aims to inform citizens on the way they should be attired when entering a courtyard, added the official who pointed out that many persons, especially women, are in the habit of entering the court with short skirts, strap jackets and other tight-fitting clothing, even to appear before the magistrates.

The official recalled that in the past, people came to court decently attired but noted that there seems to be some decline, as in these days they feel that it is their right to wear what they want.

“When we caution them all they say is sorry, and dress the same way again, it has to stop, people have to stop this nonsense,” the official lamented.

The official further said that while the court management understands that people want to keep up with the new trend of fashion, respect is far more essential than looking good, especially in such a place.

“Some people just love to reveal their skin but there is a “time and place”, a court must be based on respect, respect for the magistrates and lawyers and even yourself.”

“It is the intention of the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and all Magistrate courts in Guyana, to bring back and maintain decent dressing in the future, no matter how much fashion comes into existence,” the official added.(RENU RAGHUBIR)

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