Three reported suicides in Berbice

Guyana Chronicle
July 28, 2003

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THREE persons in the county of Berbice are believed to have died by their own hands recently. Police reported Friday that cattle ranger, Daveanand Shamkarran, 29, of Lot 92 Port Mourant, Corentyne, was found hanging from the verandah of his house at about 19:40 hrs Wednesday.

Shamkarran was said to be a frequent alcohol drinker. According to reports, a brother of the deceased found his body hanging at the lower end of a multi-coloured bed sheet.

On Thursday morning, a 60-year-old canecutter was discovered hanging in his Corentyne, Berbice home.

His daughter, Anita, told Police her dead father, Jamwan Mangra, of Lot 207 Number 64 Village, was suspended from a piece of rope tied to a beam in his one-storey house about 7.30 am.

Reports said the deceased was a habitual alcohol drinker who lived alone and is suspected to have taken his own life.

A fisherman is reported to have set his house on fire and committed suicide after a quarrel with his wife on Thursday.

Police say that Vishwarnauth Mohabir, 23, of Bush Lot, was pronounced dead on arrival at Fort Wellington Hospital, also at West Coast Berbice, Thursday night.

He had been under the influence of alcohol when he and his reputed wife, Hemwattie Singh, 22, became embroiled in a bitter row about 20:45 hours (8.45 pm).

Reports said the woman had left the house she shared with Mohabir and gone away when he, in a drunken rage, lit the blaze and fled from the burning building.

He later took a kitchen knife and fatally stabbed himself as the house was completely gutted.

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