Stop importing vehicles with tint
- appeals Minister Gajraj to auto dealers

Guyana Chronicle

July 26, 2003

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GINA - THE Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Ronald Gajraj is again appealing to auto dealers to desist from importing vehicles with tinted windows.

He noted that recently a number of persons have approached the Ministry for exemption on tinted windows on their vehicles and stated that the Ministry has regulations governing tints that should be observed.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs is not kindly disposed to owners of vehicles that have dark tints,” said Gajraj.

The regulation allows for 65 to 35 per cent light penetration. And under the provision of the Trade Act, Chapter 91:01, an order (No. 5 of 1999) states “no person shall import into Guyana after the 4th day of April 1999 any motor vehicle which has fitted to it any glass or safety glass or any other material used in the place of such glass or safety glass, which is so tinted or otherwise treated or coloured, in such a manner or to such extent, as would result in obstructing or in any way preventing the identification of the driver of the motor vehicle or any other person traveling in the motor vehicle by any person from outside the motor vehicle.”

If the dealers choose to disregard the regulations and consumers buy the vehicle from the dealer, it does not exempt the tint regulation. It is the duty of the consumer to reject the vehicle, noted Gajraj.

He said that his Ministry from time to time has granted extensions to vehicle owners, so that they could bring their vehicles in conformity with the tint regulations. However, there are a few exceptions.

“There are specified classes of vehicles in respect to which discretion might be exercised to allow tinted glasses on the vehicles, such as, an ambulance,” Gajraj said.

He reiterated that consumers must have a responsibility to ensure that the vehicles they purchase are appropriate to the tint regulations before they can be granted fitness to use the vehicles on the roads. He added that if these rules are not complied with, they would have to abide by the consequences.

“I am therefore urging auto dealers to desist from importing these vehicles,” said Gajraj.

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