Persaud records more good scores at Bisley By Isaiah Chappelle
Guyana Chronicle
July 17, 2003

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GUYANA’S Mahendra Persaud continues to add more good scores at Bisley, the only West Indian to be in the top 200 in the World Individual Championships, while Ransford Goodluck joined the prize list.

At the end of Tuesday, Persaud was in the 135th position with a total of 554 points and 54 bull’s eyes from ten shoots to date.

Scores: Donegall (50 points and four V-bulls), Lovell (49 and six), Daily Telegraph (70 and seven), Times (50 and seven), Daily Mail (71 and eight), Duke of Cambridge (49 and four), St George’s (74 and ten), Alexandra (46 and one), Conan Doyle (48 and four) and Wimbledon (47 and three).

The eventual placing will be determined with scores from the Queen’s Prize, Corporation and Prince of Wales shoot.

Persaud’s latest achievement was going on to the second stage of the St George’s competition, when he registered 74 points and ten V-bulls on Tuesday.

Also, he qualified for the Donaldson Memorial final scheduled for yesterday, based on performances in the Lovell shoot on Saturday, Duke of Cambridge Shoot on Sunday and Conan Doyle on Monday.

Persaud was the only West Indian to advance to the next stage of the two competitions and has so far reached the prize seven times to date.

On Monday, Persaud won a bronze bar in the Brigadier aggregate, the total from the Hutton, Duke of Cambridge and Conan Doyle shoots. He had a total of 114 points and eleven V-bulls to place 44th from 438 entrants.

Significantly when Persaud struck gold in the Andrew Tucker Aggregate, he was wearing a Tucker jacket. Tucker passed away last Friday. Last year, Tucker donated ten shooting jackets to assist shooters in Guyana.

Goodluck reached the prize list for the first time on Sunday when he registered 50 points and hit five V-bulls in the Alexandra shoot over 600yds, placing 65th in that competition. The two Guyanese shooters and John Fong Yew of Trinidad & Tobago are the only West Indians to make the prize list to date.

Persaud told Chronicle Sport that the weather has now changed to the usual wet English conditions, after being hot and dry over the last week.