Police dub PNC/R statement on CANU/Police operation “irresponsible”
Guyana Chronicle
July 7, 2003

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THE Guyana Police Force has deemed as “irresponsible” a statement by the People’s National Congress Reform at its recent press briefing pertaining to a CANU operation on the W.B.D. and subsequent Police involvement.

Among its claims at last Thursday’s press briefing, the PNCR contended that the Minister of Home Affairs and high-ranking Police officials had ordered the release of a man held during the West Dem operations and that firearms and a passport placed in custody had been returned with an apology to the holders.

Says a police release: The Police have charged Salim Azeez, self employed male East Indian, 31-years-old, of Lot 17 North Section Canal #2 Polder, W.B.D., Narindra, male East Indian 29-years-old, a Carpenter of, New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop and Sita Singh female, East Indian, 23-years-old, a maid of, 17 North Section anal #2 Polder, W.B.D. jointly on two counts of possession of firearms without licence and one count of possession of ammunition without licence.

The trio were charged on May 27th, 2003, and appeared at the Wales Magistrates’ Court. They were placed on $100,000 bail each. The matter has been put down until July 10th for further trail.

Five firearms were discovered of which three were legally obtained. They were, however, detained and are lodged in Police custody.

The guns before the Court are one .357 Magnum revolver and one 9mm Pistol along with nine rounds of .357 ammunition.

In relation to the passports the documents are lodged with the Police and investigations are incomplete, because of the number of documents involved.

Adds the statement: “The administration of the Guyana Police Force would like to make it clear that based on the evidence provided, the authors of this inaccurate statement have misled the Guyanese public and advised that when pointing fingers they should be aware of the facts.

“To say that the Minister of Home Affairs and high-ranking Police officials ordered the release of a man and that the firearms and passport have been returned with an apology are blatant lies that are being peddled by the PNC/R.

“We would also like to make it clear that the Guyana Police Force is a professional organization and dispenses its duties according to its mandate.”
Public Relations & Press Officer