This TV programme will alienate Indian voters

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July 22, 2003

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Dear Editor,

I am now totally fed up with the amount of garbage that is being shoved into people’s head on a daily basis by Channel 9 talk show host Mr Roger Moore. Technocrats within the PNCR should observe/investigate the nonsense/garbage peddled in the name of propaganda in order to get the PPP/C government out of office. I believe Mr Moore is making it even more difficult for the PNC/R to gain the most popular votes at the next elections. They must examine his style, a style that drives Indian votes straight back to Freedom House.

Let’s look at the promotion of Dr Kean-Gibson’s book by Mr Moore, he tries to convince African Guyanese that the government is oppressing them because they are seen by Hindus as the lowest caste, as a result will be discriminated against always. He further insinuates that the PPP/C administration is governing under the Hindu caste system - meaning it is a Hindu government and must be removed from office by all means.

Now ladies and gentlemen of the PNC/R, we all know that 99.9% of the Hindus in Guyana are Indian. What sort of accommodation is the PNC/R making for Hindus if they are to win the next elections? The fact is that the misinformed Mr Moore tells them on a daily basis that we do not appreciate them, who do you expect them to vote for at the next election?

The PNC/R must change their political style and rid themselves of these sour grapes and publicly lobby Indian votes. Those at Freedom House will always smile like a grand piano politically when Mr Roger Moore and friends do this. Why do you think the government has not responded to the book by Dr Kean-Gibson, since it deals specifically with the Dr Cheddi Jagan government 1992 - current? Because it is playing into their hands!

Now Mr Moore and Dr Kean-Gibson, I am going to show how misinformed/wrong you are. I am going to list the President and his ministers and their religious affiliations.

Mr Bharrat Jagdeo - Former Hindu, converted

to communist

Mr Samuel Hinds - Christian

Janet Jagan - Jew

Gail Teixeira - Christian

Henry Jeffrey - Christian

Anthony Xavier - Christian

Dale Bisnauth - Christian

Bibi Shadick - Muslim

Caroline Rodrigues - Christian

Clement Rohee - Communist

Haripersaud Nokta - Former Christian,

converted to communist

Sheik Baksh - Muslim

Jennifer Westford - Christian

Donald Ramotar - Communist, said

publicly that he does

not believe in God

Reepu Daman Persaud - Hindu (pandit)

Clinton Collymore - Former Christian,

converted to communist

Manzoor Nadir - Muslim

Satyadeo Sawh - Hindu

Dr Roger Luncheon - Communist

Doodnauth Singh - Hindu

Okay, Mr Roger Moore with the above statistic, how can you and your friendly doctor not sound racist? I urge you to prove how is it possible to get the above to operate under the Hindu Caste system? Where is the evidence?

Finally, Mr Robert Corbin and the PNC/R must make radical changes in the party or it will become an adjacent organisation to ACDA and that will alienate them from political office. Do you think the PPP/C will make such a mistake? Do you think the PPP/C will have their activists sounding like GIHA, GIFT or IAC? The answer is definitely no. When will the PNC/R learn?

Yours faithfully,

David Mahase Ramah B.S.C.

Harvard University

Editor’s Note :

We sent this letter to Mr. Roger Moore for his comments and received the following response:

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to respond.

The book ‘The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana’. researched and written by Dr Kean Gibson, compares and contrasts racism in Guyana from the 16th Century to July 2002.

According to Mahase, the book only covers the period 1992 to the present.

I suggest that he reads the book thoroughly before he makes any public criticism of it.

In my view, there is no point in the PNCR courting Indian votes, because the PNCR was the only political party with an economic development plan and a vision for Guyana in the 2001 elections and they lost.

East Indians are taught from young that Africans are evil by nature. So how does one change one’s perception when one is grown? Therefore trying to get East Indian votes is an exercise in futility.”