Misir's review of Gibson's book misinterpreted
Guyana Chronicle
July 31, 2003

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Mr. Ian Mitchell appeared as a guest on a recent episode of 'At home With Roger'. In a comment he said that Dr. Misir's analysis of Kean Gibson's book does not seem correct since the perception that the African and Indian middle-class live together is inaccurate.

Firstly, nowhere in Dr. Misir's analysis did he say that middle-class Africans are living peacefully with middle-class Indians.

The focus of Dr. Misir's analysis of Gibson's book was that the upper and middle classes of both ethnic groups enjoy comparable socio-economic status, that is, both ethnic groups are exposed to comparable
levels of educational, health, occupational opportunities and income levels.

Dr. Kean Gibson in a book titled, "The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana" made several comments claiming that Afro-Guyanese are oppressed by Indo-Guyanese because East Indians see Africans as evil. This oppression, she claims, happens through the East Indian caste structure in society.

Since, Gibson's book focuses on oppression of Africans, Dr. Misir used the class analysis to refute her arguments.

Mr. Roger Moore and Ian Mitchell need to correctly read and analyse the work done by Dr. Misir before they make a decisive conclusion. Biased reporting is no longer the order of the day. Let these two folks
(Moore and Mitchell) refute in detail Dr. Misir's class analysis which undermines the integrity of Kean Gibson's book.