Vieira marks his word
-cops champion driver title
By Steve Ninvalle
Stabroek News
June 30, 2003

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Group Three lap record holder Mark Vieira produced his best effort to date at the South Dakota Circuit yesterday when he trampled all and sundry while winning all Group Three events.

In a masterful exhibition at the opening of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club National Series, Vieira drove in both sun and rain to win three events in commanding fashion in what may signal the dawn of a new era in local motor racing.

The chappy riders provided some of the most exciting races of the meeting. Photographer Lawrence Fanfair caught this bunch going into the Clubhouse turn.

The expected duel between him and arch rival Andrew King never materialised as the `Dare Devil’ was selfish with the checkered flag winning all races by at least 10 car lengths.

Opting to go down modesty lane Vieira said the results were good while stressing that King’s Mazda RX3 was problem plagued. “The results were good and I happy. The conditions varied today and the car worked well in the conditions,” Vieira said after the clean sweep.

From the first event of the prestigious category Vieira, sponsored by Dreamworks Development Inc, gave spectators an inkling of what was to come.

In bright sunshine his New Generation Mazda RX7 rushed into the lead from the first turn and was never caught. Drivers Kevin Jeffrey and Ray Rahaman did not participate.

Rahaman’s Mazda RX7 suffered engine problems in the first lap while Jeffery collided with Kem Lall earlier and was a non starter. King was second and Reagan Rodrigues third.

The rain clouds which kept lurking burst forcing the drivers to compete on a wet track in the second Group Three event which Vieira won by half of a lap.

While most of the drivers threw on rain tyres King, who secured four second positions was forced to stay with slicks. King again placed second and Rodrigues third.

The third event was a carbon copy of the first two with King and Rodrigues filling the second and third positions.

“This was a very good meeting for me and hopefully I can continue to turn in such performances,” Vieira, who in the process captured the champion driver title said.

King admitted that he was beaten “fair and square” in the first event but offered the absence rain tyres as the reason for him being less competitive in the second Group Three event.

The former South Dakota lap record holder also stated that he was not getting the usual amount of speed from his engine making it very difficult for him to keep up with Vieira.

The Group Two A honours was shared between the fast improving Ryan Rahaman, who collected a double, and Rupie Shewjattan. The Toyota Starlet of Shewjattan captured the first event but Rahaman came back and proved the better driver when the track was wet.

Keith Evelyn secured one second and a third position while young Adrian Fernandes copped two third places. In Group Two B Andrew Morgan made full use of his elder brother’s absence to chalk up two victories.

The Ford Escort of Amjad Rahaman placed first in the other event in the Group. Errol Ten-Pow’s Suzuki Swift placed second twice. Peter Morgan’s Ford Escort suffered a broken cam shaft and did not take part in the meeting. The handy cap event was won by John Joseph with King second. Michael Roberts and Mark Monies shared the honours in the two events for chappy motor cycles. There were no unlimited motor cycle events.

The prizes will be presented at a function to be held at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club headquarters on Friday evening.

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