Organised crime well developed in Guyana
-says PNCR

Stabroek News
June 29, 2003

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The PNCR says the $1.9B cocaine seizure in a United Kingdom port two weeks ago indicates that there exists in Guyana a highly organised and well-financed group of drug traffickers.

Speaking during the party’s weekly press briefing on Thursday, parliamentary backbencher, James McAllister noted that the nature of the concealment suggests that specialised equipment had been used. He added that the negative impact that this episode would have on the country and the timber industry could not be overstated. According to McAllister, the matter was being exacerbated by the Government’s lack of action.

To date there had been no official disclosure as to the urgency and extent of local investigations and the names of the consignees, he said, although this fact could be easily established through shipping records.

A list was released on Friday of exporters who had shipped lumber in April and May.

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