Vendors learning to live with 6 pm curfew

Stabroek News
June 12, 2003

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The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is pleased with the co-operation it has received from vendors on Water Street and other parts of the city as part of a court order for them to clear their stalls by 6 pm.

According to an official at the M&CC most of the vendors on Water Street were now complying with the order. The official said there were a number of vendors bent on opposing the order, but the council stood ready to enforce the new regulations. Additionally, the M&CC would move to regularise street vending in other areas in the city, the official said, noting that there were still a number of streets being blocked.

Vendors in front of Stabroek Market have now been clearing the area at 6 pm. Some of them have now abandoned their permanent structures and are using collapsible stands.

The council continued the demolition of permanent structures last evening.

Members of the City Engineer’s Department, backed by city constables, returned to Water Street ensuring that vendors complied.

The entire northern side of the Route 45 bus park and the area in front of Demico house were cleared on Tuesday night.

The vendors returned yesterday morning selling under collapsible stands.

On Water Street, business was normal yesterday morning, but by 6 pm most of the vendors in front of Stabroek Market and others opposite Universal Book Store and Fogarty’s had packed up and gone home.

There was still a lot of garbage and debris on Water Street yesterday despite City Council workers clearing huge piles of old stalls. At the end of each day after breaking down their stalls the vendors usually dump their rubbish on the street.

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