Police call on wanted men to surrender
Considered armed and extremely dangerous

Stabroek News
June 12, 2003

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The police are calling on six men, including prison escapee Troy Dick, who they say are part of the “criminal enterprise which has been operating out of Buxton... and parts of Georgetown,” to turn themselves in.

A release from the police yesterday described the six men as armed and extremely dangerous. It called on them to surrender immediately and said they could do so in the company of an attorney-at-law or any other interested persons that they wish to have accompany them.

The six are: Dick, Paul Pindleton also called ‘Serra man’; Rondell Wilmot Rawlins called `Fineman’; Ivor Glen; Anthony Charles called `Kussum’; and Michael Anthony Sandiford called `Rasta man’ and `Mo Fire.’

According to the release, Dick, who is the last surviving member of the gang which escaped from the Georgetown Prison on February 23, 2002, is wanted for a series of murders, robbery-under-arms and kidnapping.

He is 34 years old and about 5 ft 7” tall, of medium build and his last known address is 65 Dennis Street, Campbellville.

Pindleton is the brother of dead bandit, Kwame Pindleton and is also wanted in connection with the same crimes as Dick. He is said to be 20-years-old and is about 5 ft 1” tall, of medium build and his last known address is Lot 10 D’Urban Street, Lodge.

Twenty-eight-year-old Rawlins is also wanted for the same crimes. His last known address is 168 Titus Street, Agricola and he is said to be thinly built.

Glen, 32, is 5 ft 6” and he was last known to be living at Lot 7, Vriesland Village, West Bank Demerara.

Yesterday, Acting Chief Magistrate, Juliet Holder-Allen, issued an arrest warrant for Glen who was charged with attempted murder and robbery under arms.

Glen is accused of the May 26 attempted murder of Ramchandra Mohan of Vive-La-Force. Mohan had been briefly detained by the accused and sustained three gunshot wounds before escaping.

Glen is also accused of robbing Ramsaroop Mangal of Vive-la-Force at gunpoint last Friday. It is alleged that Glenn confronted Mangal and placed a gun to his head before demanding cash. He allegedly relieved the man of an undisclosed sum of money before fleeing the scene.

The police release said that 40-year-old Charles is wanted for a series of robberies-under-arms and kidnappings. Additionally some ten arrest warrants have been issued for him for a multiplicity of offences including possession of a firearm without licence, unlawful possession of ammunition, malicious damage to property, inflicting grievous bodily harm and larceny in a dwelling house.

He is 5 ft 11”, of medium build and was last known to be living at Bachelor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara. He has a scar on the right side of his forehead.

Sandiford is wanted for murders, robbery under arms and kidnapping. He is 29 and about 5 ft 3” tall, of medium build, dark in complexion and was last known to be living at 19 D’Urban Street, Lodge.

He had been charged with unlawful possession of arms and ammunition, appeared in court, was granted bail and has since failed to attend court. An arrest warrant has been issued for him.

The police also said that they had noted the concerns of some residents of Prashad Nagar who experienced discomfort and damage to property during the operation last Thursday. “We wish to assure those residents that the issue is being addressed.”

Last Thursday the police and army launched a two-hour operation in Prashad Nagar during which wanted man Shawn Brown, his brother-in-law Dillon George and Toney Singh were killed in a shoot-out.

This was the culmination of several weeks of active patrols by the joint forces which also saw the deaths of six men in another confrontation in Friendship.

Meanwhile, the release said that the police force has expressed its profound appreciation to members of the public for their support and co-operation in the fight against crime.

“We acknowledge the importance of all types of information provided to us, some of which have aided us significantly. We urge you to continue to assist the force in the process of the apprehension of these six persons.”

All information will be treated with the strictest of confidentiality, the release said.

Persons who wish to supply information may call telephone numbers, 223-8940, 226-1326, 229-2289, 226-1389, 223-6127, 223-6128, 229-2557, 229-2569, 226-7065, and 227-1149. Persons can also contact the nearest police station.

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