Brown’s gun used in rum shop massacre, other crimes -police

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June 11, 2003

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The 9mm Beretta submachine pistol found in the house occupied by notorious criminal, Shawn Brown and two other men, was used in the Nathoo’s Liquor Restaurant and Ketley Street shootings which resulted in seven deaths, according to the police.

In a press release yesterday, the police stated that scientific examinations thus far have revealed that the fingerprints of Brown were traced to twenty crime scenes including two murders, thirteen robberies under arms, two kidnappings and three instances of discharging a loaded firearm.

Brown, along with his brother-in-law Dillon George and Toney Singh, were shot and killed last week Thursday during a gun battle with the police and army at Deobirana Street, Prashad Nagar.

According to the release Brown’s fingerprints were also linked to the murders of two police officers and reveals that he was involved in the death of Superintendent Leon Fraser in April 2002. Fraser was shot and killed when he and a party of policemen visited the Yarowkabra, Linden/Soesdyke Highway, where it was reported that the five Mash Day prison escapees, including Brown, were hiding out.

From the police investigations Brown would also have been involved in the shooting death of Constable Rawle Thomas at Linden. Thomas was part of a mobile patrol which came under gunfire from persons in a car.

The Nathoo Liquor store shootings at Lamaha and Pike streets, Kitty in late September represented a chilling escalation in crime. Four people were shot dead and several others wounded, including the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Denis Hanomansingh, when a gunman opened fire on patrons. Hanomansingh left the country soon after and resigned his position.

The police release said that Singh’s fingerprints were found on a toilet bowl in the Prashad Nagar house which was occupied by the three men.

Additionally, the release said that a bunch of keys which were found in Brown’s pocket was for the same building.

The release also said that a ballistics examination of the gun found that it was used in other crimes including the shootings at the Prison Officers’ Club, the Brazilian Restaurant on Charlotte Street, in Albouystown when Selwyn Pollydore and Shwan Forde were killed and at the Ketley Street Liquor Restaurant.

At the Ketley Street shooting, three persons were killed.

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