Last February 23 escapee still around
- sources

Stabroek News
June 9, 2003

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Security officials say the latest information they have on the remaining February 23 escapee, Troy Dick, is that he is hiding out somewhere in the city.

Dick, along with Dale Moore, Andrew Douglas, Shawn Brown and Mark Fraser, shot their way out of the Georgetown Prison on February 23, 2003. Moore, Douglas and Fraser died after shoot-outs last year while Brown was killed in a confrontation with the police on Thursday.

Dick was in prison awaiting trial for a murder he allegedly committed one Old Year’s Night in the then Library Disco on Camp Street.

He has reportedly been keeping a low profile in recent months. Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj, told a press conference last Friday, that the security forces had information that Dick had made Buxton his home for a long period this year and last year.

He disclosed that when persons from outside of the village had robbed the Hamilton Gas Station at Buxton in the middle of last year, Dick was instrumental in having the stolen items returned.

“We understand that he [Dick] was the one who headed the discipline body in that incident,” Gajraj said.

Sources say with the intensified police operations in Buxton/Friendship it was possible that Dick has had to leave Buxton and find a new hideout.

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