Bourda St vendors staying put

Stabroek News
June 3, 2003

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A group of ten herbal medicine vendors and other stallholders on Bourda Street are yet to remove their stands despite the Mayor and City Council giving them notice to do so.

The deadline for the vendors to remove expired last Thursday and since then no officer from the M&CC has revisited the area.

The vendors had vowed that they would not move unless the M&CC found a more convenient spot.

The Bourda Green area had been identified by the Council, but the vendors complained that it was out of the way and next to sewage disposal outlets.

Meanwhile, the M&CC complained that the vendors were in the habit of littering the street at the end of each day and were blocking traffic on Regent Street.

When Stabroek News contacted the Public Relations Department of the M&CC yesterday, the PRO could not say when or if at all the Council would move in on the vendors. Some vendors yesterday said they were preparing for the worst, adding that they had no confidence in the city.

“You wait, just now they gon come and bulldoze we stands, but I am prepared for them,” one vendor said.

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