Hugh Ross cops two titles at Musclemania
- qualifies for US nationals

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May 11, 2003

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Guyanese bodybuilder/powerlifter Hugh Ross was in outstanding form in two major bodybuilding competitions in the United States of America recently.

Participating at the Musclemania Show which was held in New Haven, Connecticut on April 26, Ross entered the Masters and Open Light Heavyweight categories and got first place in both.

The result qualifies him for the Musclemania Super-body in Miami Beach June 20-21.

However according to the former Guyana Defence Force strongman: "I am not fully decided if I'll compete there."

Ross disclosed that while at the Musclemania Show he was prompted by several promoters and scores of others to compete at a National Physique Committee (NPC) event the following weekend in Massachusetts (MA).

Bowing to the urges of his well wishers Ross took part in the NPC's Multipower New England Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships which was held in Boston, MA, on May 04.

Ross told Stabroek Sports: "I entered the same two categories and got first in the Masters and second in the Light Heavy categories.

"It was while at this show that I discovered that the top two finishers in each category there would qualify for all US NPC National events for three years. I also discovered that there were lots of athletes there who were trying for in excess of five years to qualify for a National event unsuccessfully. Needless to say, after competing at my first NPC show I am now qualified for all National Masters as well as Open Events."

Upon winning, Ross was brought back on stage by none other than the legendary Mike Katz of Pumping Iron fame to address the audience.

Guest posers at that event were IFBB pros Jay Cutler and Gunter Schlierkamp.

Hugh was also mentioned in the popular bodybuilding magazine Musclemania which stated: "Hugh has dominated again at the ESPN2 sponsored Musclemania and Fitness America Pageant with a resounding double victory in the Masters and much touted Light Heavyweight categories.

The masters looked fabulous but when Hugh walked out on stage it was all over. Hugh all the way.

The light heavies came out in their usual fashion with guns blazing but they were abruptly silenced when Hugh unleashed his heavy artillery.

Hugh was also awarded several photo shoots at the Model Search Expo on the following day where he was judged as the most marketable male swim wear model."

Ross is scheduled for a guest appearance in Pennsylvania this weekend.

He will also be in Toronto on May 18-19 as a guest poser to lend support to the team from the GABBF (Yale Holder and Donald Sinclair) who will be there promoting the CAC which will be hosted by Guyana in 2004, if his schedule permits him.

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