PNCR wants early appointment of new police commissioner

Stabroek News
May 10, 2003

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Central executive member of the PNCR, James McAllister says his party is looking forward to the early appointment of the service commissions and moreso the urgent naming of Winston Felix as the new Commissioner of Police.

McAllister made this statement on Thursday, while speaking to reporters at the party's weekly press conference. According to him, now that the co-operation communique between the government and the opposition parties has been officially released, the entire nation has had an opportunity to not only read the matters agreed upon, but to note the timelines set for their implementation. McAllister pointed out that the appointment of Felix as head of the police was a matter to which the late PNCR leader Desmond Hoyte had agreed since April 2002 after he was consulted by President Bharrat Jagdeo.

McAllister said the PNCR would be using every opportunity to ensure that parliament and its committees met regularly to debate and discuss the several matters of national importance enshrined in the communique.

"Accordingly, we begin today by reminding the authorities of our concern at the number of pending cases of extreme importance to the issues of good governance and the rule of law which have not yet been addressed."

Among them, he pointed to the failure of the executive to appoint James Bovell-Drakes as a puisne judge upon the recommendation of the competent authority.

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