Highway resort barman murdered
Patrons suspected
Missing girls, missing money seen as motive
By Samantha Alleyne
Stabroek News
May 10, 2003

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A barman employed with the Big T Silver Sander Resort on the Linden/Soesdyke High-way was shot dead on Thursday evening and his body discovered yesterday morning with fourteen bullet holes.

Dead is Clyde Watson called `Chuck it Rude' or `Chuk It', 53, of Kuru Kuru, a father of eight children, the youngest being just two-years-old.

The man's body was discovered by owner of the resort, Hector Talbot, at around 6 am yesterday.

Talbot was unable to give any information on the shooting saying he was not at the resort on Thursday night.

He said the last time he had spoken to Watson was at around 6 pm on Thursday adding that the barman would usually close the place at around 10 pm once there were no customers.

The proprietor said he turned up at the resort yesterday morning to find the body of his employee. The man dismissed the notion that robbery was the motive since nothing was missing.

No one in the neighbourhood recalled hearing or seeing anything out of the ordinary but one woman said her husband had said that he had heard a loud bang during the night. He could not say whether the sound was a gunshot but stated that soon after he saw a car driving away from the resort.

According to reports reaching this newspaper, two men and two women had visited the resort earlier in the evening.

Reports indicated that the two men are city businessmen. It is alleged that the two women had conned the men and escaped with a large quantity of money.

The men were not prepared to allow their money to be stolen and they reportedly searched the entire resort for the two women and had questioned the barman as to their whereabouts.

Reports suggest that the men were of the opinion that the barman had helped hide the women.

The men left the resort but later returned and again asked Watson where the women were but he could not give them any information.

It is after this that Watson was believed to have been shot.

It is understood that the two women are in custody and a large quantity of money was recovered. A senior police officer yesterday confirmed that two women were in police custody.

At the home of Watson, his children were grieving his death.

His wife, Coreen February, was not home as she was in the city looking into funeral arrangements. A neighbour was looking after the children.

Watson had been at the resort for just over a year and his son described him as a very strong man who would always do anything to protect himself.

The son recalled that his father on several occasions had stated that should bandits attempt to rob the resort he would not stand by and let it happen.

The neighbour disclosed that just before Watson started to work there bandits had made off with a large quantity of money. They had beaten the proprietor so viciously that for months he could not walk and was very ill.

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