Communique offers opportunity for all parties to contribute -PNCR

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May 8, 2003

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The PNCR says that it would be a mistake for the communiqué issued after the meetings between President Bharrat Jagdeo and its leader Robert Corbin to be projected as some "miraculous restoration of democracy".

In a release yesterday from its Congress Place headquarters the party said that the communiqué only provided an opportunity for all parties concerned about the future development of Guyana to make renewed efforts to contribute positively to this process.

"The success of this process will be determined by the manner in which the PPP/C government honours their commitments within the agreed timeframes...The return of the PNCR to the National Assembly must not be interpreted as an indication that it intends to abandon or let up on its struggle for justice, fair play and good governance."

The release says, "the PNCR will continue, as always, to put the interests and welfare of the people of Guyana first."

On Tuesday, President Jagdeo and Corbin signed a comprehensive communiqué that among other things provides for the implementation of agreed parliamentary and constitutional reforms, including a recommendation from the St Lucia Statement that a parliamentary management committee should be established. These include, besides the parliamentary management committee, the parliamentary sector committees and the standing committees on constitutional reform and appointments.

The strengthening of the Parliament Office to service the committees and the National Assembly; and the solutions for resolving outstanding issues from the Jagdeo/Hoyte dialogue process, including the representation of the PNCR on state boards, commissions and committees, were other agreements detailed in the communiqué.

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