Former racer launches motor racing website

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May 6, 2003

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Motor Racing Announcer and former grasstrack racer Bryan Mackintosh has launched Guyana's first motor racing website.

The site can be located at and deals with motor racing, the sport that Mackintosh confessed to love "more than life itself."

With photos of present and past racing action, this website according to Mackintosh allows motor racing fans the opportunity to keep update with the latest news on the local scene.

Persons logging on to the site will also have the opportunity to go back in time to see the cars and speed aces of the 60's 70's and early 80's.

The site has links to other Caribbean racing websites and also to a website in Canada that highlights Guyanese Ian Phillips and Deborah Mendonca, daughter of the owner of Maric's in Charlotte Street.

Mackintosh, who claimed to have never taken a single web designing class or ever spent a day at a computer school said that the website was put together in just under 3 weeks and already had over 2000 hits.

The website can be found on all the major search engines using hit words such as "motor racing in Guyana". Mackintosh said he hopes to get companies interested in sponsoring the website in order to offset the expense of developing the site further.

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