Local riflemen grab hog’s share of prizes
...West Indies Fullbore Shooting C/ships
By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
April 29, 2003

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Local riflemen grabbed the hog’s share of prizes at the just concluded West Indies Fullbore Shooting Championships which was staged at the Timehri Rifle Ranges.

While the locals were successful in retaining the Singer Cup, they failed to wrest the BWIA cup from defending champions Jamaica.

Spearheading the locals in their medal gold hunt among the `X’ Class shooters was Lennox Braithwaithe who carted off the Individual title. He also won the first day’s Daily Aggregate, the 10-Round Aggregate, the Long Range title (900 and 1000-yard) and the Grand Aggregate. Added to that, Braithwaithe won the first day’s 900-yard shoot as well as the third day’s 500-yard shoot.

Team mate Ransford Goodluck captured the Short Range title (300, 500 and 600-yard) and the second day’s Daily Aggregate’s. On the second day also, Goodluck won all three ranges (300, 500 and 900-yard) contested.

Among the other `X’ Class locals to win gold medals were team captain Mahendra Persaud and Claude Dugid.

Persaud won the third day’s Daily Aggregate as well as the 1000-yard range, while Dugid copped the first day’s 600-yard title.

Jamaica’s captain John Nelson who won the 300-yard range title on the opening day and Trinidad’s Marc Homer who won the 600-yard range on the third day, were the only other persons to win gold medals in the `X’ Class.

In the `O’ Class gold medal hunt, Guyana’s Ryan Sampson captured the first day’s Daily Aggregate, the Long Range title and the 900-yard range on the first day.

This category was dominated by the Trinidadians.

Justin Lall (Trinidad) who only started shooting one year ago, won the Grand Aggregate, the 10-Round Aggregate, the 1000-yard range and the Daily Aggregate on the third day and the 300-yard range on the second day.

Mark Akrill (Trinidad) won the Short Range title, the 600-yard ranges on the first and third days and the 50-yard range on the second day.

Reynold Yorke (Trinidad) won the 300-yard range on the opening day as well as the 900-yard and Daily Aggregate on the second day, while Terrence Paty won the 500-yard range on the third day.

Goodluck also won five silver medals among the `X’ Class shooters, while Gomez won two one each went to Trinidad’s Stephen Chung, Norris Gomez, Marc Homer, Michael Perez, Clarion Tang-Choon and John Fong-Yew as well as Jamaica’s David Rickman.

Gomez won four bronze medals, while Clarion Tang-Choon (Trinidad), Braithwaithe and Blair won two each. One each went to Persaud, Braithwaithe, Rickman and his compatriot Carl Smith.

In the `O’ Class category, Lall and Akrill captured three silver medals each.

Reynold Yorke won three bronze medals, while Sampson captured two. Lall and Akrill each secured one.

Persaud finished fourth in the Grand Aggregate, while Tang-Choon was fifth, Fong-Yew sixth, Keith Hammond (Jamaica) seventh, Rickman eight, Blair ninth and Richard Fields (Guyana) 10th.Next year’s championship will be staged in Trinidad.

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