Mother of two chopped to death by man

Stabroek News
April 28, 2003

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Police are searching for a man who killed a mother of two in Broad Street, Charlestown on Saturday afternoon.

Dead is 20-year-old Felicia George of 17 Broad Street, Charlestown.

Recounting the horrifying experience yesterday, a neighbour of the dead woman’s family, Ovita Dazzell told Stabroek News that she was standing at the door of house where George was staying when she saw the attacker approach. This was about 2 pm.

A shaken Dazzell said on seeing the man, she moved aside and stood near the bathroom and George’s attacker advanced to where his victim was lying asleep on her aunt’s bed.

“Then he pull a knife from de right side pocket and start fuh bore she up real bad,” Dazzell recalled, adding that George’s attacker thereafter proceeded to drag her from the bed while continuing to fire chops.

The eyewitness explained further that George began bleeding profusely from her wounds and in alarm, she (Dazzell) began screaming and “...I run off a short distance and I seh, ‘ow...yuh killin’ she, lef she alone, don’t do she nuthin’.” But, according to Dazzell, the attacker ignored her and continued chopping the helpless George.

At that stage, Dazzell began screaming even louder and more people came running to the scene. George then staggered to the door and collapsed as blood continued gushing from her body. Her attacker immediately escaped south into Lombard Street.

George was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where she was pronounced dead on arrival and authorities at the Ruimveldt police station, where the matter was subsequently reported, have commenced investigations.

This newspaper understands that the victim was previously involved in an abusive relationship with her attacker for approximately two years and on Friday, was forced to leap from a two-storied building in an effort to flee from the man.

She leaves to mourn her children, ages 4 and 1, and other family members.

(Edlyn Benfield)

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