Kidnap victim, Basdeo, escapes from captors
Stabroek News
April 13, 2003

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Dev Basdeo, the Mon Repos man who was kidnapped early Friday morning by three armed men, escaped his captors later the same night, just hours before the 10:00 pm deadline expired for his family to accumulate the $10M demanded for his safe return.

Basdeo, 33, of 113 Mon Repos North, East Coast Demerara, was abducted some time around 6:00 am on the Vryheids Lust Railway Embankment road, and was later forced by his captors to relay the conditions for his release, which included the payment of a $10M ransom.

According to a press statement issued by the Police Public Relations Department yesterday, Basdeo "allegedly escaped last [Friday] night from his kidnappers and is reported to be well."

When Stabroek News visited Mon Repos North yesterday, Basdeo's house was shut tightly and neighbours disclosed that the kidnapped man had left the area with his wife and two children late Friday night, after having made his escape. Basdeo returned home shortly after escaping his abductors.

Clad in a black t-shirt, torn jeans and white boots, Basdeo left his home shortly after 5.30 am Friday morning and boarded a minibus to make his way to Vryheids Lust. He had been going to the home of his employer, with whom he was supposed to travel to Georgetown to buy produce. Basdeo works for a vendor in the Mon Repos market.

Shortly after disembarking from the bus he was abducted by three armed men who rushed him into a car and sped off.

The abducted man later called the home of his employer to set out his kidnappers' demands, but after failing to make any progress, he was forced to call home, where his horrified family learnt of his ordeal and the demands for his safe release.

Repeated calls were made to his family, who heard Basdeo's screams in the background. His family said they last heard from him some time between 2:20 and 2:30 pm on Friday, when the 10:00 pm deadline was set.

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