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April 13, 2003

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During the past week the WICB has faced a number of issues. For the record we publish in full the most recent statements from the WICB:


April 9

The West Indies Cricket Board has received correspondence from Bennett King, Head of the Commonwealth Bank Cricket Academy confirming his decision not to accept the post of coach with the West Indies cricket team.

The WICB regrets that King is not taking up its offer but wishes him well in the work that he has indicated he is keen to pursue on the development of the Centre of Excellence in his native Australia.

In a letter to WICB Chief Executive Officer, Roger Brathwaite, King thanked the Board for offering him the position.

He also said: "There has been speculation that this decision was made because of the announcement of my nomination prior to our contractual negotiations.

I would like to let you know that this did not influence my decision. I would also like to recognise the professional manner in which the recruitment process was handled by the West Indies Cricket Board" The WICB invites all West Indies cricket fans to join with us in supporting the West Indies team under the leadership of the new captain Brain Lara, Interim Coach, Gus Logie and Manager Rickey Skerrit in their challenging series against the Australian team. In the meantime, the WICB will re-visit the selection of a coach for the West Indies team.


April 10

Following a review of reports from Jackie Hendriks, President of the Jamaica Cricket Association and Chris Gayle, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has decided that Gayle should continue to be eligible for selection for the Cable and Wireless 2003 Series against Australia.

Gayle stated that he had informed Hendriks that he wished to follow through with his plans to play in the Double Wicket Tournament in St Lucia rather than the Carib Beer International Challenge Final.

"Mr. Hendriks indicated that he did not have a problem with my taking part in the said tournament, but he did not commit either way. " Gayle said in his report.

Gayle added that he also informed the Jamaica Team Manager, Lyndel Wright who suggested that he needed to speak with the Jamaica Chairman of Selectors, Ruddy Williams.

"In our conversation Mr. Williams told me to think about my decision and whatever my decision was they would understand and support me either way" the opening batsman reported.

Gayle indicated that these gentlemen had not objected to his participation although he had no formal written approval. He also stated that he was not aware that he could be in breach of the eligibility rule.

Following its investigation, the Board has accepted that Gayle received tacit, if not explicit, permission to play in the Double Wicket Tournament in St Lucia rather than the Final of the Carib Beer International Challenge.

The WICB wishes to emphasise that players for the Double Wicket Tournament were selected solely by the organizers.

In a letter to Gayle, the Board has expressed its disappointment about his choosing to play in the Double Wicket Tournament rather than for his national team in the Carib Beer International Challenge Final, even after the Tournament organizers offered to release him.


Following a verbal expression of thanks to former captain Carl Hooper and former coach Roger Harper at the WICB media conference on Monday March 31, President Rev. Wes Hall has written both gentlemen to formally thank them for their service as captain and coach of the West Indies Team respectively.

Rev Hall in thanking Hooper said in part: "You have played a significant role as captain in guiding and moulding our young players over the last two years. Please be assured that the directors, management and staff of the WICB greatly appreciate this contribution that you have made to West Indies cricket."

Roger Harper received the following words of appreciation in his letter from the President:

"Three years ago you took on the Herculean task of moulding our young team during a transitional period. For the most part we were experimenting with about 12 players under the age of 24 and the good work you have done as coach is greatly appreciated. On behalf of the directors, management and staff of the WICB I wish you every success in your future endeavours."

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