Woon-A-Tai successful at Int'l karate coaching course
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April 9, 2003

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Guyana Japan Karate Association (GJKA) Chief Instructor, Charles Woon-A-Tai, successfully completed his Continental Coaching Diploma in Karate from the Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO).

Woon-A-Tai who holds a 5th Degree black belt, returned from Santo Domingo on Monday evening after completing the four-day course.

According to a release, the course was designed for `Trainers of Elite Athletes'.

According to Woon-A-Tai, the course was very informative, and among the numerous topics covered, he identified the data compiled from the last six World Championships as very revealing, as it identified where the bulk of medals went.

Woon-A-Tai said professional independent studies were done and this showed the dominant continent and why that continent has been dominant over the years.

The course therefore, was designed to help shift some of the medals to the Americas which include the Caribbean, Woon-A-Tai stated in his release.

Woon-A-Tai said he had the opportunity of witnessing the demonstration of using state of the art equipment for the development of explosive power which super stars such as Michael Jordon of NBA fame, Evander Hollifield (boxing) as well as baseball players and Olympic sprinters use.

Among the topics covered were; Athletic Development (grassroots/developmental, elite level, mental and physical), Distancing (A,B,C's of distancing, out of range-perimeter, closing the gap and point of impact), Footwork (mechanics of movement, shifting forward, blitzing forward, off-speed techniques, intercepting and angular and lateral movements), Flexibility (five keys to flexibility, technique, breathing, relaxation, duration/holding and programme and kime or focusing), Strategy (identifying strength and weaknesses, methodology, pre and post competition and psychological), Tactics offence, defence, technical and ring mastery/ mental and physical) and Technical (hand and foot techniques, combinations, sweeps and takedown and grappling.

The instructors were Tokey Hill of North America who was a world champion in 1980 and United States' national coach for many years and Antonia Olivia.

Woon-A-Tai would like to express his gratitude to the Guyana Olympic Association and the Pan American Sports Organisation for making his participation possible.

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