Another body found near Buxton
Stabroek News
April 8, 2003

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As an apparent gang war rages in Buxton, another body was discovered in the Annandale area yesterday with bullet holes.

The body was identified as 23-year-old Junior Dennis of 147 Buxton and according to a police release the body was discovered at around 7 am lying on the Annandale Sideline Dam. The body appeared to have gunshot wounds to the head and abdomen.

Stabroek News understands that a female acquaintance said that he had been captured by persons operating out of the `Gulf' in Buxton and shot dead.

The woman said that the man had been chased by the men into the backdam on Sunday afternoon and might have been murdered during the night.

It is understood that Dennis has some connection to one of the men whose home was torched over the weekend in Buxton.

Meanwhile, the police have identified two bodies which were discovered on Saturday morning by army ranks behind the Eastville Housing Scheme, Annandale.

One body was identified as Hans Wilson, 29 years old of Toevlugt, West Bank Demerara and the other was said to be that of David Dookie, 29, of `M' Farm Mahaicony.

Stabroek News visited Wilson's home which he had shared with two brothers and his mother. She was shocked at the brutal way her son had been murdered.

She did not wish to give her name and said that the last time she had seen her son was last Thursday afternoon when he left with his female companion. She said her son had told her he would have returned the same night but when he failed to show up she was not too worried as he would occasionally sleep out.

According to the victim's mother, on Saturday the man's female companion visited her home and asked for him.

Meanwhile her daughter-in-law had told her that her son had dropped her off at her Albouystown home and said he would be back soon, never to return. And she said it was on Sunday afternoon her daughter-in-law and the mother of Wilson's six-year-old son had visited her and said that he had been murdered.

She said the two women told her that after they had heard the news about a body with dreadlocks being discovered they had become worried.

Asked if her son was involved in any illegal activities the woman said, "not really." She said he was never threatened by anyone and she never knew him to go into Buxton or any other East Coast village.

She said he was a trader and would visit French Guiana to do business.

It is understood that Dookie lived with his mother in Mahaicony.

The other two bodies from the weekend shooting spree were identified as cousins, Imtiaz Ally and Hasraf Ally. They were last seen on Friday afternoon.

The killing of the five came amid a number of other violent incidents that occurred over the weekend. Three houses, two in Buxton and one in the city, were razed, two cars was torched and a number of persons were shot and injured including an 87-year-old deacon.

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