Nineteen-year-old Shermon determined to make it big in singing
Stabroek News
April 7, 2003

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Looking at this nineteen-year-old lad, maybe you'll see him as an ordinary Guyanese youth but his talent for singing makes him special.

Shermon Nicholson has a remarkably melodious voice which has made him a celebrity among the folks in his cattle-rearing village of Lichfield on the West Coast of Berbice.

This talented teen who attends the Ash Educational Trust Institute says his dream is to represent Guyana in a song contest.

When asked why he likes singing so much, he says simply that it makes him feel good, particularly seeing the expressions of joy in the faces of those who listen to his heartfelt renditions.

When Shermon is not singing at home he can be found at churches, funerals, concerts and other functions once he gets an invitation to perform.

He has penned some 87 gospel songs and sang a few, but his goal is to make an album, following in the footsteps of his premier R&B singer Deborah Cox. His favourite songs are also sung by this singer: "I Wouldn't Give Up" and "I Believe".

Shermon worships at the No.5 Free Life Ministry Church where he sang his first song and still draws quite an audience whenever he visits.

Reminiscing on his first experience on stage before a large audience, he recalls being very nervous at first but eventually drawing delightful responses as he showcased his singing talent. Now he likes to sing for large audiences because he enjoys their responses to his singing.

Shermon is the second to last in his family of eight other siblings, and seems to be the quietest of the lot, often with a book and pen writing songs or singing a new tune.

He once appeared on GTV 11 where he sang in a youth programme and was lauded for his performance.

Shermon told Stabroek News that career-wise he wants to become a vocalist but in the meantime he is preparing for the CXC exams this year.

"I was at the point of giving up recently but when I heard the song "I Wouldn't Give Up" by Deborah Cox, I was revived to start afresh with my singing, now I'm determined more than ever to make a name for myself in singing," said Shermon.

Whitney Houston is another one of his favourite artistes, and he likes the song "Count On Me" best and sings it quite often at funerals and other occasions when he is performing.

Shermon's favourite gospel singer is Yolanda Adams - he does quite a bit of research on singers as a hobby.

And singing talent runs in his own family - his grandmother sang in church and one of his sisters also sings.

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