Lara as Windies captain What the people say about...
By Johann Earle
Stabroek News
April 7, 2003

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This week Stabroek News asked the man/woman in the street what they thought of
Brian Lara being appointed captain of the West Indies team at the expense of
Guyanese Carl Hooper, and what effect this may have on the upcoming home test
against Australia. The following are their responses.

Frances DaSilva - overseas based Guyanese: ĎI was very sad to learn about Carl
Hooper being sacked as captain of the West Indies team. I have loved him from
the first time I knew him. Lara needs a lot of help; I donít think that he can do it
alone. He needs a lot of help from Hooper. I believe that the team will give him
the co-operation as everyone wants the team to do well. I think that he will get the
co-operation because if he hadnít, he would not have been in the team for so long.
I am hoping that the West Indies do well for the series against the Australians.
Sarwan being appointed as vice-captain was excellent. He is perfect because he
has done well in the past. He is a great helpí.

Indira Ramkissoon - cricket fan: ĎThis surprises me because Brian Lara had
refused the captaincy before. He should however take this as an opportunity to try
to make up for past shortcomings on his part. He has a lot of experience and I
believe that if he gets some time and some help he will be a good leader. I would
agree that his performance has somewhat dropped, but I donít think he should be
harshly treated for his past failures. The team should get together and help him. I
feel bad about Carl Hooper being sacked and I hope there is still a place for him in
the team. Sarwan is excellent for the vice-captaincy, but I do hope that he keeps up
his good performance with the added responsibility.í

Myrtle Joseph - housewife: ĎI donít think that Brian Lara should have been
appointed captain at this stage, because of his verbal attitude. Remember he was
captain before and he failed, so why bring back a man who has failed before? I
think that his getting the teamís co-operation in the upcoming series with Australia
will depend a lot on the players. It will also depend on the attitude of the players
towards the game. Brian Lara is not at his best and a team without him might do
better. I believe that Sarwan as vice-captain is a good choice. That will groom him
for future responsibilities.í

Margaret Vanderhyden - secretary: ĎI think that it is absurd. He should not have
been appointed captain. He must have a godfather in the West Indies Cricket
Board. He is spoilt and has a childís attitude. I donít know what the teamís
reaction will be but the players should play as a team and perform even if there are
differences. Those differences should not show up on the outside. In the old West
Indies team Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes were not speaking to each
other but yet they performed on the field as opening batsmen. I donít see a
problem with Sarwan as vice-captain. His one-day matches are far better than his
tests, but he is young and talented. I would like to see Carl Hooper back as captain
and Roger Harper back as the teamís coach. I am looking forward to seeing the
teamís performance in the home series.í

Samantha Pinder - vendor: ĎI think Lara deserves another try. He is a good leader
and motivator and I think that he will get the co-operation of the team. He is good
for the team but he needs to stop with the attitude. The move to appoint Sarwan as
vice-captain is a good one.í

Shawn Penniston - private sector employee: ĎI think Lara will do well. He has an
attitude problem and he has to work on that. He is still a match winner. They are
going to win this upcoming series because they have the home advantage. They
also have a good batting side. Sarwan has a lot of years ahead of him and he is a
good choice for vice-captain, but they canít pressure him with the captaincy any
time soon because it could frustrate himí.

Shalim Hack - tailor: ĎI donít have a problem with Brian Lara being appointed
again as captain of the West Indies team. Everyone must get a try. I think that he
will do better than the last time he had the captaincy. Carl Hooper did well, but he
had his time. Sarwan does not have the experience to do the job as captain, in spite
of his good batting, but he will serve the team well as its vice-captainí.

Walter Hoyte - private sector employee: ĎI donít like Lara as captain because he has too many illusions of himself and the team. Carl Hooper was doing a good job of moulding the young players in the team. Lara is the wrong choice. The captaincy should have remained with Carl Hooper. Lara is indisciplined and I can
only see the team heading for chaos. It will have a lot of effects on the home series against Australia. Lara is self-opinionated. I think that this appointment will daunt the spirit of the team. He is not a motivator because I feel that he has lost his zeal
for the gameí.

Fred Wills - private sector employee: ĎI feel that they dropped Carl Hooper just
like that. The selectors should have at least given him the home match against the
Australians. Lara had rejected the captaincy. Hooper moulded the young team into
what it is today. Viv Richards tells you plain that Lara doesnít play for the team.
Do you think Sarwan can tell Lara anything as vice-captain? I still think that it is
wrong. Hooper should have captained the tests while Lara should have captained
the one-day matches. I donít think that they will beat Australiaí.

Vibert Johashen - ex-national cricketer: ĎI think that Viv Richards wanted Carl
Hooper to be captain, but Hooper should have been captain for the home series.
Lara was forced into the captaincy. Sarwan being named as vice-captain is a very
good move. He will not be able to cope with the captaincy right away. He is a
good choice for vice-captain. I hope that Hooper is selected to play in the test
series, although I am not certain how the new captaincy will affect the teamís
performance against the Australians. I think they will do wellí.

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