UG, Plaisance minibus operators end protest, imposing new $60 fares
Stabroek News
March 26, 2003

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East Coast minibus operators plying the Georgetown to Plaisance route and others working between Georgetown and the University of Guyana yesterday returned to work, but are enforcing a $20 fare hike on commuters.

This follows industrial action by a large number of those operators on Monday, who protested for increased fares following a rise in gasoline prices.

Monday's strike left many commuters stranded at the East Coast car park until late evening.

The UG and Plaisance operators surveyed by Stabroek News yesterday reported that the majority of passengers were paying the new $60 fares, while there were still some persons who refused to pay the hike.

The striking operators had also resolved to collect fares from passengers prior to their entering the minibuses, and this was being done by some operators yesterday. Others just notified passengers of the increase as they entered the minibuses.

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