Kidnapped businessman back home
-refuses to talk about ordeal By Nigel Williams
Stabroek News
March 25, 2003

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"I am happy to be back home, my life has been spared and it is time for me to continue living my life," were the only words uttered by Felix Walker the businessman of Non Pariel who was kidnapped last Saturday evening.

Some time after midday yesterday the father of three was returned home. Contacted yesterday, the police confirmed that they too had made contact with Walker's family and had been told by a relative that he had been released and was resting comfortably. However, the former captive declined to make any further comment to this newspaper, saying that he wanted to live in Guyana peacefully and was not prepared to say anything that would jeopardise that.

Walker, of Lot 360 Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara, was on Saturday evening kidnapped by a gang of about four men. Stabroek News understands that shortly after that a ransom of $50 million was demanded for his release. It is not clear what amount of money, if any, was paid.

Reports coming to this newspaper stated that the kidnappers, apart from calling and asking Walker's family in Non Pariel for money, had also called his relatives overseas. From all indications there was some amount of negotiation going on, since on Sunday a source close to Walker's family had told this newspaper that the ransom demand made by the kidnappers was too high.

When Stabroek News visited the man's home following his release, Walker was seen on his verandah with his wife, both of whom were smiling in apparent relief. The businessman's forehead was neatly bandaged and according to relatives he had suffered a wound on Saturday night.

News of his release saw a number of his friends and relatives flocking to his business place as they offered words of comfort, or embraced him.

Walker was snatched at about 6:30 pm on Saturday in front of his gate by a gang of about four men. He was thrown into his red 4x4 pick-up truck and driven away. At 1:25 am on Sunday morning an army patrol and the Annandale Community Policing Group had responded separately to the sound of a single gunshot, and had found the man's vehicle abandoned on the Annandale Public road with bloodstains on the floor of the driver's side. It is still not known who fired the shot, or under what circumstances.

A resident of Buxton told this newspaper yesterday that he remembered passing the same vehicle parked at that very spot some time before midnight on Saturday.

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