PNCR plans ‘political action’
Stabroek News
March 21, 2003

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The PNCR yesterday announced a plan to embark on “a series of political actions” aimed at highlighting the problems facing the people of the country.

Speaking at the party’s weekly press conference yesterday, central executive member Raphael Trotman was unwilling to go into full details, but told reporters that a meeting of the party’s central executive was planned to determine the proper course of action to be undertaken.

This, Trotman said, was because of the party’s disappointment at the notable lack of positive action on the part of government in regards to the shooting death of UG student Yohance Douglas. PNCR Member of Parliament Deborah Backer added that other issues including the GPL situation and the strike by teachers, were indicative of the crisis in Guyana.

She said Douglas’ death was one of the central issues but the party’s actions would be a holistic response to all of the issues afflicting the country.

“Guyana is in crisis! So whatever action is taken will not be solely [centred on] Douglas,” Backer said.

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