Guyana Water Inc signals tariff hike shortly
Stabroek News
March 15, 2003

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The Guyana Water Inc yesterday announced that in an effort to meet increased operational costs and improve levels of service, tariffs will be increased shortly.

A GWI release stated that more than half of its monthly revenue goes towards electricity charges to produce and distribute water to its customers, while the remainder goes towards chemicals, labour, maintenance and other associated costs.

The GWI said it will be unable to continue its service and maintain the Georgetown Sewerage System if the company does not receive timely payment for water services since the utility's source of income is revenue collection.

Meanwhile, GWI yesterday expressed grave concern about individuals taking away excessive amounts of water from the Lamaha Canal. This practice is adversely impacting on public water supplies that are already strained by the continuing drought situation.

GWI noted that according to weather reports, the rainy season is due later in the second quarter of the year and therefore it is unlikely there would be any immediate change in the current water supply situation.

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