Modern methods of coaching needed in Guyana
- Colombian Sports Professor By Clyde Pestano
Stabroek News
March 14, 2003

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Colombian Sports Professor Oscar Libreros is of the view that the process he has initiated with regards to football coaching in Guyana needs to be continued.

Libreros, who was in Guyana for two weeks on a bilateral sports cooperation exchange programme, said he would like to return to Guyana sometime in the near future and continue where he left off.

In an interview with Stabroek Sport Libreros explained that coaching is an ongoing process and everyday new methods are being developed and utilised to keep pace with science.

He claims that it would take at least four years minimum to eventually see signs of progress in Guyana based on the scientific methodology.

Libreros who is based at the University of Sports in Cali, Colombia, is also the coordinator of all football programmes at the institution.

He departed Guyana yesterday after two weeks of hectic sessions with officials from the Ministry of Culture Youth & Sports and other officials from the football fraternity in Guyana.

Three-day clinics were held in Linden, West Demerara and, in Georgetown at the Guyana National Service Sports Club.

Over seventy five coaches of different levels selected by the Guyana Football Federation attended the sessions at which Libreros lectured.

Coaches attending the sessions were from Kwakwani, Ituni, Linden, West Demerara, Bartica, Berbice, Essequibo, East Coast of Demerara, and Georgetown. Libreros, who was speaking through an interpreter, Ivan Persaud (former assistant national coach), explained that Guyana has coaches who are of different levels.

He said that some have a very good knowledge of the game and what it entails while others need more work to get the requisite skills. According to the Colombian, a modern football coach needs many different skills to be able to do his job.

Therefore, coaches must have a lot of information at hand on the sciences that are applied in sport especially football seeing that it has become a very tactical game. He added that a coach should also be able to manage people and have in depth knowledge of his players.

Also the modern coach needs to convey clearly, his philosophy and style of play and what he wants to achieve, to his players.

He disclosed that coaching is not only about a team scoring a goal or two and winning a game; it encompasses a whole range of other issues which may also include a player's nutritional needs and his psychological state.

Libreros contended that modern football has high standards attached to it and that for Guyana to go further and achieve football prominence some of these deficiencies need to be addressed urgently.

In addition, players need from a very early age to apply these standards if they are to employ them as they mature into versatile young football players who would be representing their country.

Libreros said that he was very happy with the enthusiasm shown by the coaches and said that that is a good sign for the future as they all exhibited a desire to learn and to adopt the scientific methods to football.

In concluding, Libreros stated he has felt at home since arriving in Guyana and was treated well by the Guyana Football Federation and others who helped coordinate his stay while in Guyana, especially the Ministry of Culture Youth & Sport.

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