$396M allocated for school repairs Stabroek News
March 6, 2003

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Government has approved contracts worth $396M for emergency repairs to a number of schools.

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Roger Luncheon announced yesterday at a media briefing that $21.3M was awarded for emergency repairs to Beterverwagting Community High School; $89.9M for similar works to Bygeval Multilateral School; $44.6M for Charlestown Secondary; $79.1M for New Amsterdam Multilateral; $13.4M for Paramakatoi; $45.7M for St Ignatius Community High, $21.3M for St Johnís College; $37.8M for Kwakwani Community High; $20.1M for Corentyne Comprehensive High School; and $23.6M for emergency repairs to the Rosignol Secondary School.

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