Does the GHRA have any authority?
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February 19, 2003

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On a ‘No Big Thing’ programme some years ago it was declared that the Minister of Information had no information. Now it seems that the Guyana Horse Racing Authority has no authority.

Horse racing is known throughout the world as the sport of kings. However, judging from what has been taking place in Guyana it is surely now the sport of lesser beings.

On December 15 a jockey lost his life at the Mocha Arcadia track while competing in a race. Narine Samaroo was riding filly `Rosanna’ in the first event of the one-day meeting when the horse was caught in a collision which resulted in the jockey’s death.

In any other part of the world this would have been taken very seriously by the governing body of the sport.

But in old Guyana what should be the norm is never normal.

To date the Guyana Horse Racing Authority seem to have no authority and no inquiry has been held to ascertain what actually went on at the track on that sad day.

But we have seen that another date has been identified for racing at the said track.

Why the GHRA has not take a closer look at events that eventful day is anyone’s guess.

Horse owners, jockeys and spectators need to hear something.

When there was a loss of life at South Dakota Circuit last November, the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club held an inquiry and to date no meeting has been held there.

As a matter of fact Stabroek Sport has learnt that no racing will be accommodated at the circuit until after other measures are beefed up.

The GHRA needs to take a page out of the motor racing club’s book and with urgency address the issue. The time is ripe for the governing body to act with some authority.

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