Discussions can help heal nation - PNCR
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February 14, 2003

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The PNCR has embarked on a round of discussions with a wide variety of political, social and other groupings.

The discussions, according to central executive member of the PNCR, Clarissa Riehl are being held with a view to engage the groups in constructive debates on national issues and the dilemmas and crises which the country faces. Riehl said at a PNCR press conference yesterday that the discussions are also intended to solicit the views of the various stakeholders on the way forward for Guyana. The PNCR acknowledged that it was not the source of all wisdom and strategies and was anxious to listen and push forward the national debate on all-important issues.

"We believe that healing in our nation needs open and genuine discussions with the view of all stakeholders taken into consideration." Riehl noted also that the PNCR was interested in crafting a vision for the future so that Guyana could survive and compete in a harsh international environment. She suggested that the cries of the people required radical approaches and called on those who had not studied its analysis on the issues of alternative approaches to governance to do so.(Back to top

PNCR off on 'strategy' retreat

The leadership of the PNCR will be going on a retreat this weekend.

According to a statement from the party, "at this time, we will be taking the opportunity to further clarify our programme for the future development and reform of Guyana."

The retreat starts today and concludes on Sunday. The statement added that the party would also be sharpening its strategies, tactics and tools to ensure that it is geared to win the next general elections handsomely and convincingly.

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