Police kill two men after car breaches roadblock
Stabroek News
February 14, 2003

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Police shot and killed two men on Wednesday night after their car drove through a roadblock at the junction of the Rupert Craig Highway and Ogle Old Road.

A bullet hole in the door of this police vehicle which pursued two men who opened fire on them at Ogle. The men were killed when the police returned fire. (Police photo)

The police yesterday said that the men were yet to be identified but Stabroek News understands that they were identified at the Georgetown Public Hospital as Rawle Goodridge called `Big Head' and Ronald Joseph. While no addresses were given for the two, Joseph is said to be originally from Golden Grove but was living in Linden.

According to a police press release, the two men opened fire on the police after breaching the police roadblock at around 9:30 pm and were fatally shot when the police returned fire.

They were travelling in motor car, HA 9101, a burgundy coloured Toyota Carina in which an Ingram submachine gun with 96 .45mm live rounds, twenty-one of which were in the magazine, was found.

During the confrontation the right front door and glass window of the police vehicle were damaged by bullets.

The police release said that the car in which the men were travelling initially stopped but suddenly accelerated at high speed in a westerly direction and turned south into Ogle Old Road.

The police pursued the vehicle and during the armed confrontation the two occupants were shot.

Residents in the area recalled hearing rapid gunfire but because the place was dark said they could not see what was happening. They said after the gunfire stopped they ran out but were kept away by the police who had surrounded the car.

When Stabroek News visited the scene yesterday morning blood and pieces of a shattered windscreen were on the road.

Stabroek News understands that the men arrived at the hospital at around 10:51 pm. Goodridge is said to have been shot in his head, upper back, stomach and left ankle. He was wearing a yellow jersey and white three quarter pants.

Joseph, who was said to be the driver, was at the time wearing a pair of three quarter black pants and a multi-coloured jersey. He was shot to the right cheek and skull.

Wednesday night's incident is reminiscent of another shooting on January 10 when two men were killed after they approached a roadblock in the same area.

They were later identified as Trinidadian Sheldon Olliverre and Patrick Cumberbatch.

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