PNCR sets out programme of reform
Stabroek News
February 10, 2003

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The PNCR plans to develop a new structure that would better serve the party's membership.

Speaking at the party's weekly press conference on Thursday, Vice-Chairman, Vincent Alexander told the media among the many reforms agreed to are the strengthening of the local group and district structure, intensified political education and the organisation of the secretariat structure based on the application of modern business management principles.

Alexander disclosed that one of the main effects of this new structure would be to reduce the pressure on the Office of the leader, by actively involving a larger number of the party's central executive members in the day-to-day leadership and decision-making functions of the party.

The party also intends to intensify its programmes ensuring the representation of ethnic diversity and gender balance in the composition of the party leadership and the national, regional, district zone and group levels.

Further Alexander reiterated that an independent parallel organisation to be known as Help Guyana would shortly be registered and this non-governmental/non-sectarian organisation would be dedicated to empowering marginalised and disadvantaged persons.

A task force is to be set up to define priorities for economic policy and to guide national economic transformation.

Alexander said the PNCR was proposing discussion at the national level on a new system of governance which would facilitate national development, the enrichment of the nation and the involvement and security of all Guyanese.

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