Women’s group looks to help unemployed East Coast youth
Stabroek News
February 8, 2003

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Women Against Violence Anywhere (WAVE) is seeking to assist in providing jobs for skilled, unemployed youths in areas such as Buxton and neighbouring communities who have been severely affected by the crime situation in Guyana.

Organiser Doreen de Caires said the group had received offers from some members of the business sector toward this end and is in the process of collecting the relevant data.

According to de Caires, some 115 resource persons have registered with WAVE as advocates in areas such as counselling, fundraising, public relations and overseas support, and over 1200 signatures have been obtained to date for the group’s peace petition.

The group, which has now been organised into sectors designed to handle various undertakings, held its third peaceful protest against the growing culture of violence in the country at the Cenotaph between noon and 1 pm yesterday.

Among the suggestions arising from discussions at WAVE’s weekly Tuesday meeting is that of holding a vigil as well as dispatching newsletters to those persons who may not have access to computers, de Caires indicated.

Meanwhile, the group is attempting to produce a leaflet which will provide guidelines for self-protection in the event that one becomes the victim of a criminal act.

WAVE has set up an information desk manned by volunteers at the Sidewalk Cafe and a website (http://www. thinkfre.com/wave/), created by Alissa and Maya Trotz has been set up.

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