Lift yourselves out of economic quagmire
-Corbin urges Buxtonians
Announces farm project
Stabroek News
February 8, 2003

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Newly elected PNCR leader Robert Corbin urged residents of Buxton to lift the village out of its economic quagmire by themselves and announced a farming project on almost 1000 acres of nearby land. In relation to the crime situation in which Buxton has featured prominently, Corbin advised villagers to keep the peace while at the same time being vigilant and protecting themselves.

He addressed residents at the NDC office saying that for a number of years it seemed as if the village of Buxton had been singled out for special treatment. “We have been telling the government about the many problems you are facing, but they have not been listening to us. Comrades we also told them that bullets will not solve the problems, but they have not been listening to us.”

He said because of the government’s indifference to the people’s problems it was now time for the PNCR along with the residents themselves to help lift the village out of the economic quagmire it found itself in.

“We spoke with some technical people and they have pledged their willingness to assist in what ever way possible to organise economic ventures in the village so that residents can find something meaningful to do. The party has since secured some 968 acres of land aback of the village and someone has agreed to plough 100 acres so that residents can embark on agricultural activities.”

Corbin, who succeeded the late PNCR Leader Desmond Hoyte, said he has received $500,000 from a businessman in Linden and others have come forward to help.

To this end Corbin encouraged the residents to organise themselves in groups so that on his next visit to the village they could move ahead with the project. On one of his last visits to Buxton, Hoyte had proposed a revival project for the village to be funded by the state. This proposal had been rejected.

According to Corbin, the village will also set up a fund called the Buxton Project Fund and a committee is to be put in place to manage the affairs of the project.

Corbin said while the initial project would be agriculture-based, it did not mean that only agricultural ventures would be looked at under the Buxton Project Fund. He called on all interested persons within and without of the village to get on board and help rescue the community.

As had been the case during Thursday’s visit to the neighbouring village of Annandale, Corbin along with party members, Basil Williams, Hamley Case, Vincent Alexander and other supporters toured a number of homes both in the north and south of the village. Residents came out of their yards and greeted the new leader and a number of youths told him how difficult it was to find a job.

“Look since I come out school I am home, nothing to do, everywhere you go, the people telling you there is no job. I want to know if is because I am a Buxtonian that is why they ain’t’ taking me on.”

For several months villages around Buxton have been attacked by armed gangs originating from Buxton/Friendship but residents said their quarrel was not with their neighbours but a system they say neglects them.

“Look, let me tell you for years we have been living here together, yuh know how many Buxtonians move out and go and live in Annandale? This thing is really stupid, the government trying to tell the people we are criminals and they want to divide us. We don’t have any problem with the people of Annandale, we get a problem with dem (government) who are oppressing us,” one woman declared.

An elderly man said that he was quite concerned over the recent reports of attacks on Annandale.

“Dey get some bad boys hay fuh truth, but only a few and dem may be does goh and trouble the people them. I know that genuine Buxtonians will not interfere with the residents of Annandale. I know that we live here together for so long.”

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Buxton/Foulis NDC Randolph Blair commended the work done by residents in cleaning canals in the village. The work which started on Thursday saw a number of drains and canals cleared of thick moss and weeds.

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