Corbin to name representative to pave way for Jagdeo meeting
Luncheon likely for gov’t
Stabroek News
February 7, 2003

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PNCR leader Robert Corbin is to name his representative by the end of the week to meet with a counterpart from the Office of the President to determine the agenda for a planned meeting with President Bharrat Jagdeo.

Stabroek News understands that the Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon is likely to be deputed to meet with the senior PNCR official to finalise the modalities, agenda and time of the meeting between the President and Corbin. The Office of the President will be the venue of the meeting.

In accepting the invitation from President Jagdeo, Corbin restated his party’s commitment to the resolution of matters of national interest and which it is hoped can be resolved through constructive engagement. President Jagdeo extended the invitation after hearing of Corbin’s election.

In his letter to President Jagdeo, released to the media yesterday, Corbin indicated several matters of immediate concern. These were the “deteriorating situation in the bauxite communities, especially in Linden, which if not immediately addressed, could lead to a national disaster; the national security situation; the unresolved issues which led to the parliamentary impasse, implementation of decisions of the Jagdeo/Hoyte dialogue process, the deteriorating situation nationally with special emphasis on the absence of job opportunities for youth and the impending increases in the electricity rates by the Guyana Power and Light Inc.”

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