PNCR plans reforms to regain office
Stabroek News
February 4, 2003

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The PNCR has embarked on a programme of reform geared at modernising the party and ensuring that it regains office.

Speaking at the party’s weekly press conference last week, central executive member, Deryck Bernard told reporters that the party at its Biennial Congress last year embarked on a series of initiatives including the review of the party’s practices to ensure that the party’s management and organisational structures were further enhanced to cope with the demands of policies of the new millennium. “We have also had a top level group working on ways to further enhance our inclusive and broad-based character, as we believe it to be an essential priority in our political work.”

Additionally, Bernard said the party had set up a high level group with responsibility for revising and updating the party’s policies and ideological positions to ensure that its fundamental values were preserved while at the same time making sure that the development policies of the PNCR were in step with the modern world environment. Bernard further noted that at last year’s congress, blessing was given to the establishment of a parallel development organisation which would be tasked with community development work.

He said that intensive work is ongoing in the party on the issue of governance, including the possibilities for alternative and broader forms of governance in Guyana.

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