Committee to review minibus fares
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February 2, 2003

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A committee has been established to review the 1999 minibus fare-schedule following a meeting between the Ministry of Commerce and minibus operators who are seeking fare hikes.

On Thursday morning Commerce Ministry officials met with operators representing Routes 32 (Georgetown-Parika), 40 (Kitty-Campbellville\Campbellville-Sophia), 44 (Georgetown-Mahaica) and 45 (Main Street-Lamaha\Hospital), to discuss their applications for commuter fare-hikes.

According to a press statement from the Ministry, a recommendation from the committee would be forthcoming.

At the press briefing to highlight his Ministry's work plan for 2003, Commerce Minister Manzoor Nadir again threatened regularisation of fares if operators continued to harass commuters to pay increased fares.

"We are asking customers not to pay the increased fares... We expect the prices to come down.

"What I would advise consumers to do is walk with the exact fare, the old fare, and pay them that," Nadir said.

He said once an agreement with operators was reached a fare-structure would be published.

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