PNCR goes on city walkabout
Drums up support for rally
Stabroek News
January 29, 2003

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Some central executive members of the PNCR took a walk around the city yesterday hoping to reach out to citizens and also to promote the party's rally set for Saturday.

The walk was led by interim leader, Robert Corbin accompanied by Reform leader, Stanley Ming, central executive member, Basil Williams, former General Secretary, Aubrey Norton and a few party supporters who were sharing flyers for the rally. Commencing just after midday, the small group first moved along the Avenue of the Republic. Corbin spoke to passersby and vendors.

Around the Vendor's Arcade, many persons approached Corbin and his team, asking questions about the party and the party's aims for the country.

On Saturday the PNCR will hold a rally at the Square of the Revolution starting at 6 pm. The rally will come after the special congress at which a new leader will be chosen following the passing of former leader, Desmond Hoyte. The rally will be spiced with cultural presentations and music will be provided by the Yoruba Singers.

In one flyer handed out yesterday the party stated that the ruling PPP/C government has a special art of ensuring Guyana falls apart. The party noted that, the Guyana Air-ways Corporation collapsed and the Bauxite Industry is collapsing among other ills.

According to the party, "the economy is in trouble, getting a job is a rumble in the jungle, the cost of living is killing."

The party said Guyana needs competence not the PPP/C's corrupt presence.

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