Sharma plans `Guyana's Most Wanted'
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January 29, 2003

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Managing Director of CNS Channel Six, CN Sharma is seeking the permission of the Guyana Police Force to produce a programme called, "Guyana's Most Wanted".

In a letter dated January 27 and addressed to the acting Commissioner of Police, Floyd McDonald, Sharma stated that, "as part of our civic duty and to assist the law enforcement agencies, CNS Channel Six would like to air and produce a programme which we propose to call "Guyana's Most Wanted".

According to Sharma, the programme would feature photographs and profiles of wanted persons, names of the police departments to contact and any other pertinent information. The letter added that Channel Six was prepared to air the programme once weekly at no cost to the police.

The concept is popular worldwide having started in the United States in 1989. Some 696 fugitives have been captured thanks to the show according to the company's website.

Up to press time yesterday McDonald had not responded to Sharma's letter, but a senior police officer told this newspaper that such programmes were acceptable. The officer observed that there would be a few things to be worked out and once that was done Sharma would be given the go-ahead.

Moreover, the officer said any such initiative taken by anyone at this critical time would be welcomed by the Police Force.

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