Water woes in El Dorado Avenue to end soon -GWI
Stabroek News
January 29, 2003

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Phase One residents of El Dorado Avenue, South Ruimveldt Gardens continue to suffer from water problems while one avenue away householders have no such difficulty.

This has gone on for around two months and public relations officer at Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Audreyanna Thomas is pleading with consumers in the area to be patient since the agency is addressing the situation and very shortly the problem will be solved.

When Stabroek News visited the area recently, water pumps were visible almost everywhere while a network of hoses linked a number of houses, going as far as the neighbouring Critchlow Avenue.

According to residents, the water main which lies in the alley that separates Critchlow and El Dorado Avenues broke down in December, resulting in an inadequate water supply to residents in both avenues.

According to residents, GWI visited the area and restored the water supply only to those in Critchlow Avenue.

One seventy-year-old resident on Monday expressed serious concern about the situation, observing that in her thirty-five years in the area the problem had never surfaced.

And two residents in Critchlow Avenue described the situation as uncomfortable to everyone involved. According to them, sharing water with their neighbours in El Dorado Avenue is not the problem, but finding a convenient time is difficult.

GWI's PRO disclosed that the water main is to be relocated from the alley to the parapet. Thomas says that this move will bring about an improved water supply to consumers in the area. GWI is in the process of completing the documentation so that it could move to the execution phase.

She noted that when the main was in the alley it was difficult to avoid leakages and do regular monitoring. However, after the new installation the water pressure will be higher and there will be a continuous flow, Thomas assured.

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