Route 32 buses want agreed fares followed
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January 23, 2003

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Mini-bus operators plying the Number 32 route are seeking to have commuters pay the fare schedule as established in 1999, instead of asking for an increase.

Commuters have been refusing to pay the extra $10 saying that Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manzoor Nadir, had advised against this after announcing reductions in the consumption tax on fuel.

But the operators are contending that it was Nadir himself as head as the Guyana Public Transportation Association (GPTA), who had worked out the 1999 fare structure which they are simply seeking to enforce.

According to the drivers, they had been delinquent in collecting the correct fare and were now seeking to recover their costs. They showed this newspaper a copy of the agreed 1999 fare structure signed by Nadir.

Many operators it was said, had not been forceful in demanding the extra $10, because of problems with making change.

Currently only those commuters travelling the entire route from Georgetown to Parika or Vreed-en-Hoop to Parika pay the correct fare as set out in the structure.

The 1999 fare structure as set out by the GPTA is said to have become applicable from May 3 and saw fares set out as follows:

                                  Georgetown                                                   Vreed-en-Hoop
                            Old                    New                                         Old                New
                            Fare                   Fare                                      Fare                 Fare
Hoop                   50                       60

New Road
   Harlem             80                      100                                         30                     40

Catherina            90                       110                                         40                     60

Leonora to
Uitvlugt              100                      120                                         50                     70

De Kinderen      120                      140                                         60                     80

Tuschen             130                      150                                         70                     90

Vergenoegen      140                      160                                         70                     90

Ruby Bridge
Parika                165                      200                                         80                   140

Short Drops         30                        40                                         30                     40  

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